Ultimate Guide to Webinars for Training Providers

5x interactive eLearning modules featuring: an in-depth case study, panel discussion with 3x innovative training providers, technical tips and more!

Right now, the training industry is experiencing major disruption.

Factors like Covid-19 and a rise in remote working have accelerated our desire for flexible learning. And while the concept of webinars to deliver training courses isn’t new, it is now more than ever that learners are choosing webinar courses as an alternative to face-to-face. 
Is your business moving with the market? Find everything you need to master webinars for your training organization in this comprehensive guide.

At the end of this guide, you will:

Understand the impact of COVID on the training industry

Identify key business and learner benefits of webinar courses

See how other training providers have adapted from 

face-to-face to webinar

Determine the right technical set-up and software you’ll need

Have practical tips to keep your learners engaged

... And much more!

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“Registrations have increased 137% since March, and our training revenue has increased at a time when other companies are struggling.”

- Audrie Jurgens, True